Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Death of a Router


Well, I think my D-Link router is finally dying. I've had it for years, and I've always considered it a "golden sample" router - it always did exactly what it was supposed to do without having to reboot it, etc.

This is remarkable because it's an old DI-614(+?) wireless router. It's of the Age of Dlink where if it did what it was supposed to for a couple of hours straight, it was a friggin miracle.

Now, however, I'm getting connection dropouts and intermittent resets. And it's getting worse. I can take out my whole connection by starting a bittorrent download.

So out with the router it is. I think I'm going to give Zeroshell a try. I've got an old single board computer - A Nexcom EBC-563 based on the Via C3-733 processor.

We've used this thing as a router before, as an experiment. Three ethernet ports, 256mb SIMM, downclocked as low as it'll go - 400mhz, and booting off a compact flash card. It was pretty neat stuff at the time.

Now, I'm waiting on Zeroshell to write to a compact flash card as we speak. Maybe now I can put my hoary old D-Link to rest.

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