Monday, November 27, 2006

My Google Life

Well, the experiment has begun. I've been using Gmail for my email for a while now, and I like it a lot. Enough that I'm going to go through and try out all the other neat little projects they have laying around. So far, My Google Life consists of
Not bad for a day's work.

I'll also be looking into Google Notepad, Google Bookmarks, and seeing if I can get Google Calendar syncing with my Palm Pilot. There's also Google Docs and Spreadsheets, but I doubt I'll be doing too much with that yet.

The webpage only has one complete article on it - the specs for my Linux desktop machine. Next up will be my install and configure notes for Kubuntu 6.10 on that machine.

New Digs

Just checking out the new digs, setting up a Google-based life :) Posted by Picasa